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We have detailed experience across a wide range of industries where reliable compressed air is business critical.

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Reliable compressed air is integral to the production of food, drink and packaging.

High quality, uncontaminated compressed air is a requirement where compressed air comes into contact with food and drink for human consumption. It must be controlled in accordance with ISO 8573.1 and ISO12500.

We frequently install equipment to meet these standards.

Food, Drink and Packaging

We are very familiar with the different regulations relating to the user of compressed air in the medical, scientific and pharmaceutical industries. The Health Technical Memorandum 2022 (HTM 2022) Supplement 1 details the requirements for compressed air that will come into contact with dental patients (dew point -20C) and medical patients (dew point -40C). For the pharmaceutical industry the quality standards are defined by ISO8573 to ensure that their products are safe and free of any contaminants.

Medical, Scientific and Pharmaceutical

The manufacturing and engineering industries are large users of compressed air.

We work across the full range of clients from small, niche manufacturers through to large industrial engineering clients.

As large volume users of compressed air power represents a substantial business cost to this section. We offer energy efficiency and air leak auditing to help keep business costs low.

We also supply breathing air equipment and quarterly testing services in accordance with BS EN12021.

Manufacturing & Engineering

These sectors have very varied needs.

The aerospace industry is an extremely demanding requiring high reliability, high quality air through out its supply chain, and throughout a product’s lifecycle from initial wind tunnel testing to air-driven service and testing tools.

Other users in the logistics (e.g. train operators) and marine industries require large volumes of air to power hand tools, for cleaning and to operate lifting equipment or to operate automated sorting tools.

Logistics, Aerospace & Marine

Process industries use compressed air throughout their production processes.

It is used for control (operating valves etc), material handling and pumping, air curtains, drying, cleaning and nitrogen generation.

Depending on the exact application there are also usually stringent controls in place to ensure manufacturers provide the highest quality chemicals to their customers and meet all regulatory standards.

Utilities & Chemicals

The cement and aggregates industries are very large users of compressed air.

Used to move, mix, filter and agitate products, and to control control valves reliable compressed air is integral to these industries.

These industries are often very challenging environments for compressors to operate in given the dust and other debris that is frequently present on site. Our compressors are able to manage this without issue as they are fitted with state of the art air filters.

Cement, Aggregates & Raw Materials
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