Maintenance and Support

Complete Peace Of Mind

We service all well-known makes and models of compressors.

Regular, expert servicing of your compressors ensures that parts subject to wear, are replaced before they fail.

It also ensures that your investment is protected and:

1. Maximises your compressor’s useful life.
2. Minimises costly and disruptive unplanned downtime.
3. Ensures that your compressor is running efficiency.

Our engineers are extensively trained and highly experienced. They have both the technical expertise and the practical knowledge and know-how to ensure your compressed air system is operating optimally.

Our expert engineers are also able to offer advice on all aspects of your compressed air system including your downstream equipment including compressor controllers, filtration, condensate management systems and air dryers (dessicant and refrigerant).

Service Plans

We offer a selection of annual service plans. These give you peace of mind  allow you to budget for your annual compressor servicing

Rental Compressors

We have a fleet of rental air compressors. In the event that servicing or other maintenance will require an unacceptable length of downtime we can provide these to ensure that you continue to benefit from a continuous supply of compressed air.

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