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Customers want more attention, more appreciation and more recognition when making their purchases with us, not less.
Customer service quality is simply essential.
Customers want to be sure they get maximum value for the money they spend. They want dedicated assistance, trusted advice, and best support available.
Customers want firmer guarantees that their choice and purchase were the right thing to do.


CHAS helps clients and contractors ensure compliance across the different areas of risk management and mitigate risks across the supply chain. With the new Common Assessment Standard, CHAS review all aspects of our risk management policies in a comprehensive annual audit. And as one of the founders of Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP), CHAS is committed to setting health and safety benchmarks that drive industries forward and make the world of work a safer place.
We take health and safety very seriously and are proud to have consistently been approved by CHAS over the years.


ISO 9001 is the ultimate global benchmark for quality management and sets out the necessary steps to adopting a quality management system. It is designed to help organisations ensure they meet the needs and expectations of both customers and other parties, based on internationally recognised quality management principles set out by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).ISO 9001 is one of the most widely used management tools globally, with over one million organisations certified. It is a ‘generic standard’ as it is designed to fit flexibility around any organisation. We are proud to be ISO9001 accredited and have proven that we apply best practices in terms of quality management.


JOSCAR (the Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register) plays a significant role within the Defence purchasing space and is a system used by #security, #defence and #aerospace professionals to easily access information relating to compliance and companies who meet and exceed critical requirements.
Compressed Air Centre meets all JOSCAR membership criteria, highlighting our dedication to this market and the valuable experience gained over the past 40 years.
Compressed Air Centre provides unrivalled compressed air equipment service and support in the Berkshire, Surrey , Hampshire and London territories, our long serving team offer consistently high levels of customer service and technical expertise.
The JOSCAR membership adds to our existing accreditations and offers customers the reassurance of our professional approach to business, in addition to demonstrating our policy of continual improvement.


Avetta is the world’s largest network of qualified contractors and suppliers. Avetta-qualified Suppliers are some of the most reliable in the business—with the certification to prove it. Avetta collects and assesses supplier documentation to ensure that requirements from the most demanding customers are met.
Compressed Air Centre Ltd is proud to have qualified to be a member of the Avetta’s community.


The British Compressed Air Society, the UK’s only trade association for compressors, air treatment and vacuum products. Founded in 1930, BCAS plays a crucial role in driving progress in the compressed air industry.
BCAS’ role is to provide unbiased advice on legislation, technical standards, education, compliance, safety and environmental matters that affect suppliers and users of compressed air and vacuum systems.
We are a proud member of BCAS since 2016.


We live in a data-driven world. Almost every transaction and interaction you have with most organisations involves you sharing data. But your data is your data. It belongs to you so it is important your data is used only in ways you would reasonably expect, and that it stays safe.
Compressed Air Centre Ltd is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK's independent body set up to uphold information rights. We take data protection seriously and have implemented data protection measures to ensure full data protection integrity.

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About Us

Since 1992 our focus has been on high efficiency, high reliability compressed air systems. We operate across the whole of London, the South and the South-East of England.

Our expertise, attention to detail and use of advanced engineering allows us to deliver energy saving systems with outstanding reliability, which combine to offer very low total lifetime cost solutions. Our team of engineers is fully qualified and trained and services all major brands of compressor. we offer a full emergency breakdown service 24 x 7 x 365.

We are the authorised distributors for HPC in Southwest London, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and the Isle of Wight and have been a member of the British Compressed Air Society (BCAS) since 2016.

We proudly maintain the highest service quality standards and are proudly accredited by CHAS for our health and safety practices and ISO9001 for our quality and processes management. We are registered with Joscar and Avetta as pre-qualified and accredited service provider.

Technical team > 15 years average experience
 Compressors installed
Compressors installed
 Services carried out
Services carried out
 Breakdowns fixed
Breakdowns fixed
Reliable 24 x 7 x 365 Emergency Breakdown Service
24 x 7 x 365 Emergency Breakdown Service